5 Popular Franchises Everyone Loves but Me

haloI think every gamer had as few games where the appeal seemed to go over their heads, despite major accolades from critics or record-breaking sales numbers.  I feel like there’s always games that a majority of people mention that I just say “yeah, didn’t really play those, not my style,” receiving blank stares and gasps of astonishment in return. But there are just some games everyone loves and I just don’t “get.”

1) Halo:  I really, really dislike Halo.

Saying this doesn’t make me many friends; Halo is one of those franchises that most people will stick up for, even if they aren’t hardcore fans. Halo is the “cool kids” thing to love. I will say my gaming experience with Halo has gone as far as playing and beating the original and getting through about a quarter of the way through the second single player campaign before promptly giving up due to lack of caring. I just don’t think the story is great and beyond that, I just don’t love the multiplayer. I will admit to being picky about my first person shooters and maybe that’s what I’m adverse to it. But I’m that person that rolls their eyes every time another Halo 7-11 cup is released or a Halo television show becomes a thing. Sorry, but I just can’t will myself to like the franchise, no matter how hard I try.

OK, I haven’t really tried.
2) Grand Theft Auto: This is a franchise that just seemed to get passed me. It’s not a “hate” thing, it’s an indifference thing. I missed out on the first few and didn’t actually get my hands on one until Vice City. I’m a big fan of open world games and I do like RockStar a lot. L.A. Noire is a all time favorite of mine, I enjoyed Red Dead Redemption (though I have to finish it) and I think they make some really interesting games. But somehow, I just never got into Grand Theft Auto. I feel a little lost every time a new one is released.

So, I bought GTAV a week after it came out. And I’ve been playing it. And you know what, it’s not bad. But I still got way more into Arkham Origins when that came out and frankly, once I get my PS4 this Friday… god knows where GTAV will be on my list of games to play. It still hasn’t won me over yet.

3) Call of Duty: I really, really have no desire for any Call of Duty games. Maybe because every single one seems exactly the same. Maybe because I think Battlefield is a far better first person shooter franchise. Maybe because I cannot stand the type of people on the multiplayer servers (not to generalize, but a lot of those guys are fairly infantile). Or maybe because I’m just over CoD and yet know there will be a CoD 50 but the time I’m in my 40s.
4)Minecraft: Guys. Minecraft. No.

I get the appeal. I see how many hits Minecraft let’s play videos get on Youtube. I see the amazing things people have created (entire Walt Disney World theme parks, anyone?) and yet, I have no patience myself to get in there and create, well, anything. Now, that’s not to say I’m not a creative person. It just means that I don’t have the patience for the meticulousness needed to make the Death Star in the game.

OK, so there’s survival mode, with zombies and other cool enemies. And I’ve played some of it multiplayer which was, to be honest, fun. At least for half an hour. But then I got tired of punching trees and mining and punching pigs and getting blown up by creepers.

In the end, I’ve deduced Minecraft is for the person who puts a lot of time in to see results. Me? I get antsy. I can’t do it. But I can still appreciate the game as a whole, more than some others on this list!
5) World of Warcraft (and most MMOs): This is a line of geekdom I cannot and will not cross. That’s not to say I’ve never played any MMOs, I was on The Old Republic when it came out (though abandoned it about 3-4 months later). But WoW is just beyond my brain’s capacity for grinding to level up a character and weird online interactions. No thank you.

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