Now Playing: Destiny, The Witcher 2 and Five Nights at Freddy’s

destiny, ps4, review, video gamesIt’s been a while since I’ve talked about what’s on my currently playing list. My how things have changed in a few months time. I’m playing some old, playing some new, and make the most (?) of unemployment.


No matter who you talk to lately it’s just “Destiny! Destiny Destiny Destinnyyyy! Destiny? Destiny!”

OK maybe my conversations don’t really sound like that. Or if they do, I might wanna get my head checked.

Point is, everyone is talking about it and it makes sense. I mean, it’s an FPS meets MMO by Bungie and has been hyped up all year. I got on the hype train, choo choo!, and pre-ordered the game some time ago so I’ve been rocking it since day 1. My views on it are mixed.



  • It’s beautiful. I have it on the PS4 and so I can’t really compare it to other console versions, but all I know is it looks freakin’ great.
  • It’s really fun with friends. If I can jump in with some of my buddies, whether we do story missions, patrol or crucible, I have a good time.
  • I love the controls and I love how it easy it is to use inventory. It’s nicely set up and easy to get into when talking to merchants, or to compare current equipment with whatever you may be eyeing.


  • There’s a lack of story. The truth is, Bungie actually has a really fleshed out story and background, but you wouldn’t know it unless you log in to the site to review what are called Grimoire cards, that you get in game for completing things or finding things or killing things, but you can’t actually READ in game. Most people are not going to jump on the site to read this stuff, but the thing is, if you did  you’d see it’s all there. But somehow, that’s missing in the game. The story missions are vague at best, and I’m almost done with it (hey, I didn’t rush through like some people!) and I still don’t understand the relation of a lot of different factions and just what the “darkness” is.
  • Peter Dinklage. Come on, even if you haven’t played the game, you already know. That wizard came from the moon.
  • Did I mention crucible is damn near impossible if you aren’t level 20 bajillion already? Can’t have fun unless you are way up there because there seems to be no logical match making what so ever. I tried it out as soon as I was level 5 or 6 and it was like a kindergartner trying to face off with the terminator.
  • That god damn loot cave. I’m over it guys, can we do something else with our time except shoot at endless amounts of enemies for engrams? Surely there’s more to the game than this?! Oh wait, there isn’t. Because once you hit level 20, all you do is grind. And the rest is kinda boring.

I hoped that patrols would be more fun but it seems like you are just patrolling big empty planets. I want more Bungie, give me more! I understand this is a “10 year game” but like, make me feel as if the first iteration is worth my full $60.

The Witcher 2witcher 2,, pc, video games, rpg

OK, let’s talk about games I totally missed out on in the past but I’m gleefully enjoying now. So, I finished Witcher 1 a couple of months ago, in between was playing Dragon Age (LOVED it. Marry me, Alistair.), and now I’m moseying along in The Witcher 2 (on PC).

I’m not sure how I feel about it compared to 1. Although 1 starts off with some pretty bad dialogue and a kind of boring start, once you get into the first town things get SO good. And after getting used to the combat mechanics, I liked it. I hate that in The Witcher 2 you have to meditate before hand to drink a potion. 9 times out of 10 this ends up in me getting killed in a battle I didn’t see coming, to have to then go back to my old save to meditate and prepare for said battle, instead of being able to make those decisions in the midst of everything. That and I’m not sure how I feel about combat, I feel like I better understood how my strikes were affecting opponents in 1 and in 2 it’s like, just hack and slash away and pray you don’t get surrounded. And roll. Roll a lot.

Granted, I am only a few hours in so my opinions still need to develop. I just don’t know! It’s not pulling me in the way Witcher 1 did.


 Five Nights At Freddy’s

five nights at freddy's, pc, steam, horror, video games

Nope. Nope nope nope nope nope.

I love scary games. I do. But something at Five Nights at Freddy’s just really freaks me out, guys. You are just a guy (or a girl, hell, I don’t know), in a room, as an overnight security person in a pizza place from hell. In said room are security cameras to look at and doors to shut closed just in case some MURDEROUS MECHANICAL ANIMATRONICS COME AND DECIDE TO STUFF YOU INTO A BEAR SUIT.

You can’t move. You can only..observe. You can watch said robotic grizzlies of doom on camera and if you look at them, they can’t move. But if you aren’t eyeballing them, they can make their way closer to where you are. But the thing is, you can only look through one camera at a time. and oh, yeah, you run out of power the more you use the cameras. Or those neato security doors. Or lights so you can see them looming in the hallway next to you. And if you run out of power, you are done. DONEZO.

I noped the hell out of there after the first night, the first time I played, and I have a high tolerance for scary. But I just didn’t understand the controls and what I was meant to do and I think that didn’t help the situation. The second time around, I got through night 1 no problem. By the end of night 2, one of my doors jammed and I knew I was done for. Yup, death.

Now I’m up to night 3 and honestly… I’m stressed, guys.  I don’t know, man. I don’t think I’m meant for all 5 nights. I quit. Someone else can take this shit job.



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