Outstanding Old School Games: Quest for Glory Series


Recently GOG.com had a big sale, and if you don’t know, they sell a lot of great old school PC games that will make you reminisce about your childhood and the fond days of DOS and Windows 95. I nearly wept with joy when I saw that all 5 of the Quest for Glory games were packaged together for $5. That’s it. I was getting point and click adventure goodness for less than I pay for lunch a day.

Quest for Glory was a series of adventure games made by Sierra (remember those guys?) and it had a quirky, witty sense of humor, really interesting characters and quests that embrace a lot of fairy tales as their source of inspiration. The package you can get at GOG.com has both the original and remake of Quest for Glory I: So You Want to Be a Hero, and the other original 4.

I thought that maybe, just maybe, playing this like 20 years later would take away its charm. But no, it’s still just as fun as I remember it being. Even more so because I get far more references now than I did at about 6 years old. It’s pretty standard in an adventure RPG; you choose one of three classes, fighter, wizard or thief (I lean towards theft almost every time with games like these).  You then add your stat points to different skills of your choosing, otherwise upgrading them through doing. Seriously, if you want your climbing skill to skyrocket, keep on trying to climb the same damn tree. This isn’t Skyrim where things are scaled and harder to progress as time goes on. This game came out in 1989, OK?

It’s definitely difficult; battle systems are a little clunky, if you miss certain items you get screwed out of progressing, and you definitely need to have 20 different saves to make sure you don’t mess up. But them’s the breaks when you play old school adventure games. You can actually lose and have to start all over. Shocking, right?

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Some exciting battles in Quest for Glory 4

What made Quest for Glory so spectacular back in the day was the ability to bring your saved character stats over to the other sequels. That’s something we’re pretty much used to now (we’re so spoiled) but back then, it was a big freakin’ deal. And that’s why I want to play over from the beginning. How far can I get without completely missing an item and screwing up? Will my adventurer, DudeBro, really become a hero? Only time will tell.

While the price has gone back up to $9.99 on GoG.com, I still really recommend the set for those who love some old school DOS games. Or, wait it out for another sale (they have them all the time).

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