5 Games I’d Love to Play on the Oculus Rift

oculus rift, video games

A friend of mine is getting his Rift shipped to him next week and it got me thinking; if I had the choice to play any game I’d want on the Rift, which would I want to experience the most in a virtual reality world?

Skyrim: There have already been people who have used the Rift with Skyrim and it looks no less than awesome. I put over 200 hours in the game but I’d gladly put 200 more if I was able to experience it in a VR way. To me, any RPG like this is the perfect companion for the Rift. If not Skyrim then the next Elder Scrolls?


slender, slender man, video games, oculus rift

Slender: I’m all for scary games and there’s plenty of good first person horror experiences that could work. But the first that came to my mind was Slender. I mean, how much more of a heart attack would you have knowing that if you literally turn your head you might see him, watching you, coming for you? Just the thought gives me the creeps and that’s totally something I’d want to try!

Doom: I want a good classic and Doom seems as great as any. OK so maybe the textures won’t look fabulous all up in your face but they don’t have to. I just want to take on a Cyberdemon mano y mano. I also feel like shooting a BFG in VR would be really satisfying.

mirror's edge, video games, oculus rift

Mirror’s Edge: With the first being such a cult hit and the second one on its way soon, playing Mirror’s Edge with a Rift strapped to you would be pretty awesome. I mean granted, you won’t be literally parkouring around because that could mean broken objects in your living room, but I still think it’d make for  a lot of fun.

Rollercoaster Tycoon: Let’s say we take the elements of the originals and the ability to ride your creations from 3 and combined it into one awesome Rift game? I think there’d always be an appeal for riding your own roller coasters virtually. If you look at some of the games demoed for the Rift, a lot of them are amusement park based because it makes sense to test out the experience with rides. So why not be able to ride your own coasters, or explore your own park via Rift? We just need to make sure the game isn’t a buggy mess like 3 was.

So those are just some games I’d love to see on the Rift (or sequels of), but what would you love to play if you could choose anything?


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