Steam Summer Sale Is Making Me Broke (And I’m OK With That)


Oh Steam, every year you knock your games down to ridiculously low prices and every year my wallet cringes just a little bit more. But I can’t help myself!  This summer sale, dubbed the “Summer Getaway Sale” has already stolen some cash right out from under me, but for good reason.

First, I jumped on Bastion for $2.29 because really, who could pass it up for that cheap? I never got to play this much talked about action RPG but I adore the genre, so I feel like it was very little money well spent.  Then my friend gifted me some Guns of Icarus Online because he had an extra copy (hell yeah free games!) and today, I just picked up Tom Raider for $12.50 and The Witcher 2 for $5.

My only problem is holding myself accountable for playing these games. I bought Beyond Good & Evil last year on sale and still haven’t touched it. Sometimes, I get a little game happy but they get lost in the fold. So, in between my battles in Dark Souls, I mean to clear out as much time this summer to hit up games I buy this sale and that I bought last sale and have woefully neglected (I’m looking at you, Penumbra).

Gaming is a hard hobby to keep when you work  a 9 to 5 job and actually have a social life on weekends, but I’m making some promises to myself and to Steam that I’ll be giving a little more of my time over to my PC.

The Summer Getaway sale is far from over; what games are you hoping to see go on sale and what have you bought so far?

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