Outstanding Old School Games: Quest for Glory Series


Recently GOG.com had a big sale, and if you don’t know, they sell a lot of great old school PC games that will make you reminisce about your childhood and the fond days of DOS and Windows 95. I nearly wept with joy when I saw that all 5 of the Quest for Glory games were packaged together for $5. That’s it. I was getting point and click adventure goodness for less than I pay for lunch a day.

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Now Playing: Monaco and Dark Souls


I feel like lately I’ve been on a downward slump with games. After Bioshock: Infinite (yes, I keep bringing that game up because it’s GREAT!) I haven’t found many new releases that have caught my eye. Besides, we’re in that weird downtime between new generations and while I anxiously await my Playstation 4 pre-order, I need something to play in the in-between, or my life just doesn’t feel complete.

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Hotline Miami Blew My Tiny Mind

I might have just insulted myself with that title.

But really, I was not expecting the kind of story that Hotline Miami brings to the table. When I got into the game, my first thought was, “top down, violent beat-em up that has puzzle like qualities and is stylistically ripped from the 80s? Cool.” Actually, my real thought was probably just “wow, beating up these dudes is oddly validating,” but you get the point.

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