Hands On Impressions of The Oculus Rift

oculus rift

Yup, that’s me, on the Rift!

Because I have friends with exquisite tastes who love to jump on new tech, I got to experience the Oculus Rift myself and a variety of demos that have been released for it. Plenty of people are  coming up with cool demos to try out with the latest Rift Dev Kit 2 and I had the pleasure of test driving a handful. Before I get into the demos particularly, I want to talk a bit about the experience of using the Rift in general.

First, ¬†it’s fairly easy to get started, but your pupil distance measurement is key for things to show properly. There is a tool to use to help the Rift figure out what works for you and while by no means is it super accurate, it gets the job done. Once you fiddle with that, you’re good to go. The Dev Kit 2 is obviously a lot bigger than what they are planning to create for a final home product. They are already looking into more streamlined, lighter designs. That said, for as big and bulky as the Rift currently is, it’s surprisingly not too heavy, though it does odd hit the top of your cheeks which can feel sort of funny after a while of using it. It’s fully adjustable so I was able to fit it perfect to my smaller head as opposed to my friend who, as a guy, wears it at a bigger size.

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